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Kathy, I don't know if you remember me or not but about a year ago I came to you for some help in finding my daughter. You did an excellent job finding her but she wasn't responsive to my calls, emails & letters- at first.  I left her alone for a few months to give her some time to think it over and then tried again this year. I'm happy to say that we are now in contact with each other and talking every day by phone.  I know you meet many people on your line of business can't possibly remember all of them but I just wanted to share that good news and to say thank you again for your help. Coming to you for help was truly the best decision I've ever made!  God Bless- Robin~

Kathy Gaynor has provided my family with a dedicated and expert service when we were facing a family crises! I recommend Kathy to be an extremely, dedicated professional who provides a important service to her clients! ~ Nyla C., Elk City, OK

I am writing to give my personal recommendation to Frank Gaynor and Lighthouse Investigations.  Frank has been of invaluable assistance in my practice, which focuses on insurance and products liability defense litigation.  As you might imagine, I am frequently faced with the challenge of locating witnesses who have long since disappeared or who are simply uncooperative.  Frank has displayed an exceptional ability to locate such persons and convince them to cooperate.  He has a very natural interview technique and quickly discovers the facts which are relevant to the case.  Frank has consistently returned a very good result at a very fair price.  His hard work ethic and creativity in the face of dead ends is quite impressive.  His diligence has served me well.  I have a number of partners who have made identical comments.  I wholeheartedly recommend Frank and Lighthouse Investigations to you, so much in fact that I am writing this letter of my own accord, without a request from Frank.~Kyle- Attorney, Little Rock, AR

Lighthouse has conducted investigations related to my litigation practice and has provided excellent service.  I look forward to a continued relationship. ~Matt- Attorney, Yukon, OK

Your professionalism and experience has been a great aid to my practice. I look forward to a continued relationship with Lighthouse Investigations. ~Steven- Attorney, Wichita Falls, TX

I have used Lighthouse Investigations for several years to perform background checks for our church.  The process is simple and gives us results in a timely manner.  They are always very helpful in explaining any question or concern we have on a report.  I would highly recommend them and their services. ~Jan Calvert- Church of the Harvest

Lighthouse Investigations is personal yet extremely professional. We have used their services for many years now, and the information they provide us is done quickly, confidentially, and accurately. Several years ago when I needed to replace the service I was using, Lighthouse stood out from the others as knowing the business well, but also caring about their customers. Thank you for your services! ~Renee Vaught- Lynxsystems

We have personally known Frank and Kathy for many years and use their services in our church. They are trustworthy, consistent, and walk in integrity not only in their personal life, but also in their work. The background checks that they perform are extensive and much more thorough than what you can get online or on your own. They are prompt and affordable as well. I highly recommend Lighthouse for helping any organization assure the safety and security of knowing who will be involved in their church or business.  ~Beau Hague, Pastor- 1000 Hills Ranch Church

You do a great job and it is my pleasure to recommend you and your company. Good people should be introduced to one another.
~Matthew Oliver- Redeemer Presbyterian Church

I'm head of security for First Baptist of OKC. And we use Lighthouse for years for all of our background checks. They're fast and cover the whole USA. If I send background check that morning and it's ready that same day.  I just love them..  ~Charles A. Williams, Head of Security, FBC OKC

Sean Pine
President, Silver City Excavating, LLC
Lighthouse Investigations has provided us with sufficient and reliable information throughout the years and will continue to use them in the future.

Clark Wrather
Senior Pastor at First Baptist Church

Lighthouse Investigations has done an excellent job several times doing extensive background checks on possible new hires. It has always been a pleasure to work with them.

Michael Shipma
Academic Dean at Westminster Christian Academy

As an administrator of an educational institution, it was of utmost importance that I receive thorough background checks of all potential employees. Kathy walked me through the process with ease, allowing me to assure our families that their children were indeed in a safe and nurturing environment.

Terry Pierce
President, Pierce Law Firm, PC

True professionals among a flooded field of posers.

Ron Worley, CII
Owner, The Worley Group, LLC

I have used Lighthouse a couple of times to perform sensitive investigations. They completed the assignments in a professional timely manner and obtained the results my client and I needed to close our cases. I highly recommend Lighthouse Investigations and will use their services again in the future.

Karen Berry
Mediator and Coordinator

Kathy is a highly trained and experienced investigator who is always using creative ways to get the right result. I have worked with Kathy on several projects and she is very professional and absolutely gets the job done to perfection.

Travis Brown

Partner at Mahaffey & Gore, P.C.

Lighthouse has always located the information I needed or found that person no one else could find. I have always been very impressed with Kathy and Frank's work and they never disappoint.

Kristi Moody

Deputy General Counsel at Windstream Communications

Kathy is diligent, hard-working and focused on providing excellent service. She approaches issues practically and addresses complicated, and sometimes, stressful situations with professionalism and determination. I enjoyed working with her immensely.

Robin C. Lahiri

Compliance / Investigative Data Guru / Classical Guitarist / Speaker / Consultant at RealSearch.Com (LIBERTY Data, Inc.)

Kathy is enjoyable and very friendly to work with. I find Frank & Kathy to be sharp investigators - there is something different about them. Once you get to know them you will see something special that shines with in them... plus they run an awful lot of very deep & complex investigative searches - so I highly recommend if you are looking for Investigators for your case - you consider thee special folks!