All of our background screenings include the following: Social Security Verification; Nationwide Criminal Search; Nationwide Sex Offender Search; and Homeland Security Terrorist Watch List. Always run a nationwide criminal search, because people who have resided in only one state can still leave their home state to commit crimes in other states. We can assist you with all aspects of background screenings from the criminal check to in depth interviews, credit report and more.


New requirements under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) require any Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) who reports adverse information (criminal information) to the employer for employment purposes must send a letter to that applicant.  The letter must state that a record was run at the employer’s request and that the screening applicant has the right to review the record.  If the screening applicant feels the information is incorrect, the Consumer Reporting Agency (CRA) must conduct a re-investigation and re-verify the information.  
WHY DO BACKGROUND SCREENINGS? It is the church’s responsibility to provide safety and security for its staff and congregation.  If you knew or should have known, (by running a background screening), that a person has a history of, or the potential of, harming others you may be liable in the event something happens.  You need to be able to show you made a “due diligence” effort to discover information about your employees and volunteers.  It is important to conduct a background investigation/screening on all employees and volunteers.  Be sure to use a private investigation agency with credentials, like Lighthouse Investigations.  All criminal records are stored by name and date of birth.  It is imperative that all of the information provided by your screening applicant be verified.  All name variations must be searched.  For example, Jane Doe got married and is now Jane Smith.  Jane Doe has a criminal record that would not be found by searching Jane Smith only.  Both name variations, Jane Doe and Jane Smith, would need to be searched to have the most accurate and “due diligence” search available.

Statistics show that a male pedophile will not have a record until the 151st time he commits a crime.  Asking the right people important questions can save a child from becoming the victim of a sexual predator or violent abuser.  Again, we want to remove a predator’s opportunity to victimize.  A criminal record always starts somewhere.  Don’t let it be at your church.  Take the necessary steps to prevent sexual predators and violent abusers from abusing.  

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