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"Active Defense"

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Active Defense~

Guidelines for Building a Security Plan


We are proud to announce the release of our book, "Active Defense".   We have put together information that supports the ever growing need for protection in our churches. Lighthouse Investigations has partnered with Manis Tactical Systems to provide all aspects of protection training, from background screenings to the personal protection techniques you will need if you are ever faced with violence.  Lighthouse Investigations is available to speak to your church, school, or business about the exciting things we offer.  It's a great opportunity to get answers to questions you may have about getting started.  Active Defense is available on KindleAmazon.com and CreateSpace e-store. Call us today to schedule a time to meet with us personally at (405) 387-9480.  

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Lighthouse Investigations is a full service private investigations agency.  Lighthouse excels in providing in-depth expertise in all investigative areas.  We have "online" data based information systems to expedite information retrievals, background screenings, locating people, and assets. We take great pride in keeping our investigations strictly confidential and secure, keeping our clients updated throughout its course. You need investigators who are experienced, dependable, trustworthy, and efficient.  Investigations can be complicated and even dangerous. Trust seasoned professionals when you want the job done right.

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